Keukenhof is one of the most beautiful flower gardens in Europe. It attracts more than 1 million visitors annually during the Spring period. From March to May is when the infamous tulips, lilies, daffodils, hyacinths, and other flowers start to bloom. Approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted here each year. Nearly every color, size, and shape imaginable are displayed at Keukenhof.

I’m going to show you the different types of Dutch sandwich spreads that are eaten in the Netherlands.

If you’re curious to see what life in the Netherlands is like, join me as I show you around Utrecht for a Saturday adventure.

The Dutch way of life is definitely different from what I’ve experienced living in the US, UK, and France. Here are some of the interesting habits I picked up after moving to the Netherlands.

We wanted to avoid the cold December days in the Netherlands so spent some time in the beautiful region of Algarve Portugal. This is a popular travel destination during the warmer months but overlooked by tourists during the offseason. We stayed in the coastal town of Albufeira which turned out to be the perfect home base since it was a 20-30 minute drive from all the hotspots and top-rated attractions. Winter in the Algarve is the ideal time to visit because there are little to no crowds, the weather is warm and you can have all the beaches to yourself.